In a pinch, this 30 Minute Workout for Women Is Focused & Intense

I am proud of my mom’s accomplishments in life and on the terrain.

30 minute workout for women who work
Finding Your Balance is Valuable Work!

She has worked as an RN for forty years (straight!) at one of the best hospitals in the Bay Area. Key here, is the “as an RN” designation because nurses have notoriously stressful schedules that are highlighted by back to back shifts and on-call hours.

This means, often times for RN’s and other busy mothers and women, their workouts also become per diem.

But not my mom, not women like her – these are women who understand fitness and happiness often times cohabitate each other.

From close confines, I have watched my mother build up to running marathons, from California to Manhattan, in the last decade

She started running at age 50.

How, in even the most benign and hushed contexts, is this not exceptionally inspirational??

Even for me, I see my mom’s dedication, or at least, dogged determination of a motivator, and I am truly impressed.

Yet, she has figured out the unbelievable means to run for mile after and practice this on a daily routine. Many other working women still struggle with finding the great balance between fitness, family, fun and finance.30 minute workout for women who work

So, when the gym is too far, when you are too tired, a 30 minute workout can be the only way to workout during a stressful work week.

Me Time

Here’s the truth:

30 minutes is NOT enough time to workout fully.

Because the aerobic energy system, which is mostly associated with burning body fat as primary fuel will not kick in for IN-SHAPE women until 25 of so minutes into training, 30 minutes is basically a maintenance workout.

This is key.

Yet, running for 30 minutes and looking to an average of 2.75 miles is always a good workout.

But pound-for-pound, a great 30 minute workout is a great maintenance workout.

This however, doesn’t have to be the case.

Most of my Female (about 70%) Trainees Want to Tone, Want a Tight Midsection

Thus, a great 30 minute workout for women who work hard includes:

  1. Blasting your metabolism (heart rate)
  2. Working the Abs, Core and bodyweight

Supersets, Drop-Sets and Bodyweight Workouts Are the Best 30 Minute Workout for Women (in a pinch)

Since, ladies, your work schedules demand you workout in expedited extremes sometimes…. we know that this is at most a twice per week thing.

We’ll Divide the Days into Upper Body Days and Lower Body Days

A Perfect 30 minute workout for women who work hard

  • Compound movements first with medium intensities
  • Superset with single-joint moves
  • PASSIVE rest is only 1 minute between…
  • 3-4 sets
  • 8-14ish reps

Upper Body

  • Bent Over barbell Rows Add no weight at all and perform 14 reps SUPERSET with Barbell OR dumbbell Thrusters for 1 minute
    REST 1.5 minutes
    Repeat this 3 moire times, adding weight (Equal to HALF bodyweight ONLY to the rows), reducing reps from 14 reps to 8 reps.
  • Cable Cross Flys

Repeat as Above

SUPERSET With TRX or Incline Push Ups 1 minute

  • Dumbbell Triceps Kickbacks
    Start with 10 lbs each, finish with 15-20 lbs each hand
    Repeat rep and set range
    SUPERSET With TRX Curls 1 minute

Lower Body

  • Barbell Back Squat (OR Romanian Deadlift)
    Add no weight at all and perform 15 reps
    SUPERSET with 2 arm kettlebell swings for 1 minute
    REST 1.5 minutes
    Repeat this 3 more times, adding weight (Equal to 70% bodyweight ONLY to the squats), reducing reps from 15 reps to 8 reps.
  • Dumbbell Lunge to Step Up (STICK TO 1 LEG FOR EACH SET)
    Repeat as Above with 10 lbs, finish with 25 lbs.(This is EVEN NUMBERED set, 4,6)
    SUPERSET Floor Bridges at 1.3.1 tempo 1 minute
  • Leg Press to Heel Raise
    Start with zero weight finish with about 75% Bodyweight
    Repeat rep and set range
    SUPERSET TRX Inverted planks 1 minute

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