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Nutrition Supplement Reviews from a Real Supplement CriticFinally!

Allow me first to qualify myself. I have been a coach/trainer in San Jose for 14 plus years and I have worked with hundreds of people with hundreds of different nutrition supplement concerns.

Some are vegatarian, some are vegan, some have muscle but want to lose weight, some have no muscle and want to gain weight…

…some folk has have had traumatic brain injuries and ned to workout and need, say, ketogenic diets and others still are above 50 years old and need to consider testosterone boosters…

…I’ve met people who need probiotics when they need pre-biotics because they have acid reflux or Crohn’s.

And, I have been there to hear literally hundreds of stories.

You Can Trust an EXPERT

  1. I have a Nutrition degree, live as a nutrition coach and have counseled fifty different people
  2. I used to sell nutrition supplements and gave verbal nutrition/sport/lifestyle supplement reviews for a living for a handful of years
  3. I am certified CSCS and trainer
  4. I am honest, have no affiliation and a healthy trust of supplements, and a healthy distrust of the industry
  5. I don’t believe sports nutrition supplements are the same as nutrition supplements or health supplements… there is A LOT of overrated stuff out there, and some amazingly great products too

I Love Nutrition Supplement Reviews

But it is hard to find some that are worthwhile, because so many of the products we see in GNC, MaxMuscle, Vitamin Shoppe and other great stores are marketing tools and not treated as FOODS.

We didn’t need to review fruits at the supermarket because we know what we are getting, but the new stuff lining the Active Nutrition shelves is packed to move.

There bars, powders, creams, pills and capsules, tablets, liquids and gels, all designed to get you healthy.

Truthfully, all supplements should only be that… a supplement to your eating.

Enough Talk, Let’s Get To Business

My favorite supplement companies and distributors today include

  • Twinlab
  • Nutribiotic
  • Optimum Nutrition
  • Krave
  • NOW Sports
  • Jarrow

There are literally a thousand other companies and individuals who sell supplements.

That’s Why We’re Here for You!

If you have an idea for nutrition supplement reviews or a specific product, or even a personal question about what to take.





I will be happy to provide free advice!

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