This Brutal Workout with Kettlebells isn’t For The Soft (but try it anyways)

Kettlebells are the only workout I do weekly.

I’ve lifted weights in every geometrical angle imaginable for 17 years and have run and every earthly terrain there is.

There is very little new I can do except add more weight and add more time to my workouts.brutal workout with kettlebells

Kettlebells are different.

With kettlebells, the 18h century implement used by Russian farmers (as is the mythos), you are guaranteed an intense workout every single time because it is impossible to stop mid-rep when you are using your bells.

When I search kettlebell works online, I am left perplexed after looking at the thousands of amateur videos and posts from trainers teaching sad renditions of kettlebell technique.

I am, 90% of the way through the media I am consuming, left thinking


Why even do a brutal workout with kettlebells or, in these cases, a benign one?

You can take a dumbbell and hold it in both hands and do a front squat.


You can swing a dumbbell too.

Why the hell even pick up a kettlebell and start doing curls and single-legged deadlifts with an implement that mimics the physical properties of a Gucci handbag then?

Think: why then would anyone ever make a kettlebell that is heavier than a Labrador?

The answer is two-fold:

  1. Very few people (compared to the number of working instructors) have the expertise to teach kettlebell technique past the listless goblet squat form
  2. Most instructors lack this training

This is my personal opinion is weighted on how many people I have seen training others in the gyms in San Jose and from the RKC, RKC 2 and HKC certified instructors who taught me high level techniques and the reasoning behind them.

Basically, look at the kettlebell techniques you are learning and ask:

Can I not just use a dumbbell? What’s the point??brutal workout with kettlebells 3

At least you can avoid converting kilograms to pounds during your legday.

All Workouts with Kettlebells Turn into BRUTAL Workouts with Kettlebells, Fast!

This is great thing!

Swinging, cleaning, snatching an implement that has a different center of mass than anything in the gym makes you work harder. You automatically perform more reps, you use you entire body during your sets and you always get a full body workout!

As I said before, brutal kettlebell workouts are the only workout I still perform weekly.brutal workout with kettlebells 2

They are the only type of workout I can perform without pain, that still give me the most work in shortest time.

  • They work you anaerobically
  • They work you aerobically
  • They build strength
  • They strengthen your core and balance like nothing else

Here’s how to set up your kettlebell workout (for beginners and intermediates)

Set 1

  • Grab the lightest bell you are comfortable using
    • This should be at a miniumum, 12 lbs.
  • Count your reps

Two-arm swing for 1 minute straight BUT also count your reps

Rest for a minute

Set 2

  • Use the same weight if you completed 35-25 reps, if you did more than 40ish , up your weigh to the next bell
  • For the CLEANS perform with the lightest weight (you used in set 1)

1 Arm Clean for 30 seconds each side

Immediately go back to 2 arm swings for the REP COUNT

Rest for 1 minute

Set 3

Using the light kettlebell, start in a rack position and perform a push press for reps for 30 seconds

Perform Set 2

Perform Set 1

Rest : 1 minute


Check out the brutal workout with kettlebell video

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