Eminem “KAMIKAZE” rap album impressions | The Shady Masterclass

Yo guys, remember these are impressions and not reviews. We focus on the feel and vibes of the art as it happens and so it’s stream of consciousness. With that preamble out the way. Let’s listen to some real music!
We have 5 main sections to our rap impressions:

-Intro, I introduce the artist to you

-Topical/trends the artist talks about

-General thoughts on the art

-Overall meta breakdown of the work and how it fits in with modern music

-Best lyric on the whole joint


0:56 DMC on YouTube

3:21 First Impressions starting with The Ringer. Em goes in on like 6 rappers and admits his album Revival sucked to some measure – in essence the ’82 Ford Mustang of the Mustang lineage.

6:45 This album knocks because the production is HERE and it seems like Em paid attention to the influence of quality production in his art. The lackluster beats and production of his last joint is GONE and it’s smokey.

Why didn’t he do this last time?????? 8:15

10:45 Most personal lyric comes in on Lucky You with Joyner Lucas.

14:55 Production is top notch as Em comes out and shreds Mumble Rap, choppy flows and decadence in disco-rap.

18:00 Best lyrics are in Not Alike with Royce da 5’9″

What the Fuck happened to Hip-Hop?

by “Double Down News” 2018.

featuring DMC

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