How We Can Increase Our Fitness as We Age

Thanks to the ineffable toiling of Father Time, we age. The only known defense to aging – which is always a losing effort – is fitness.


But first, let’s talk about what it means to be fit in the first place. Old or young, the fittest people on Earth have to be your garden variety Ninja Warrior winners!


3:35 Imagery and imagining the moment of victory

5:07 The History of American Ninja Warrior

8:05 Who are the Fittest People on the Planet????? is it these competitors? Climbing and bouldering HAS TO be involved in the makeup of the most fit people on Earth. Power – explosive moves, some anaerobic endurance and mobility, and being able to climb stuff make for the most strong and fit people around.

16:37 Older folks have to stay in shape too because Father Time, that fucker, is undefeated! We want a quality of life as we age… here’s how we go about it.

17:30 Age creeps up on us gradually

18:57 Aging for women is even more brutal. You better look 30 years younger than you are. While 21:45 men get away with anything

22:13 My trainee Vasily has aged worse than a leather catcher’s mitt. He predicted this years ago.

24:05 The greatest gesture you can do for someone else actively is exercise with them.

26:01 Why older folks have a harder time working out based on heart rate. Remind them they are staying healthy and positive.

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