Of course Paleo Diets & Keto Diets don’t work (for you).

You’re not a competitive athlete and/or it isn’t preseason. Instead of answering every attempt at weight loss and body fat loss with “skip sugar,” think about the fact that these diets are short-term bandages – seek long-term health!

Truthfully, keto diets, paleo diets and Atkins diets are pretty much the same.

In my humble 15 years of training, I personally never met a single person  who really keeps weight off using these diets.

And, these food plans are simply bodybuilding diets of old but evolved.

Be informed, however, if sugar aversion IS your thing, that 50 grams of sugar a day is probably the least amount you can consume and still get performance gains.

Really, this is why these diets suck – they limit your ability to burn CALORIES (though you can burn lots of fat) – and can severely limit your performance gains and your ability to build muscle which will boost your metabolism.

In the same spirit, just enjoy your process, instead of regretting your failures.

Remember, the day of you dreaming for perfection in your physical life here, now. Life your Today in training, in life!

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