Kettlebell Technique start with your two arm swings!

2 arm swings are the workout for the week.

Remember when we do swing, you HINGE instead of squatting.

All that means is you’ll semi-squat – slightly bend your knees, and jackknife your hips backward… your shoulders will be inches in front of your toes at the extreme end.

As you reverse, you’ll unbend your knees, snap your hips forward, and tighten your butt.

There’s your Swing!

Try one minute of your lightest weight straight, count your reps and rest for a minute.

Then swing harder with the same weight for the same amount of reps.
Rest for the remainder of the time.
On the next minute, either increase your weight for one minute, then count, rest OR keep the same weight and swing for increments of 15 seconds for set A, reps minus 2 for Set B.

kettlebell technique

You’ll be dripping sweat, your heart rate super elevated and your caloric burn through the roof!

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